There are some age groups that still have open roster spots!

Players needed in the following brackets:

U8 Girls

U9 Boys

U11 Girls

U12 Girls

U14 Boys

U5 Boys & Girls

U6 Boys & Girls


There are still some age groups whose teams need coaches!

U7 Boys

U7 Girls

U9 Boys

U9 Girls

U10 Boys

U10 Girls

U12 Boys

Please volunteer to coach. You will thank us later!


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A letter from NOPO President, Joel Geisler, 11/14/18:

Hello Coaches and Volunteers,

I want to first and foremost thank all of our NOPO Coaches and Volunteers for their efforts during the Fall season. I appreciate the time and energy they have spent supporting the children, and helping build our North Portland Soccer Community. Well done, and congratulations to all!

I enjoyed meeting many of our coaches at the Coach's appreciation party last Sunday. Hearing stories, comparing issues during the season, ideas to help our club, and the synergies they brought to their teams and age groups was all great stuff to hear! Thanks to all our coaches for coming to the party and providing feedback (See above photo).

As we discussed at the meeting the NoPo Board is looking for assistance. We have too few people doing too many jobs which is not a sustainable model.

While many already volunteer, is there someone you know whom you think could help the club?

Nobody has to hold a Board position, volunteer to help on a committee of one of the Board members: Get started by helping with a project, clinic, or event they are working on to get a feel for how we work; see if it is for you, or someone you know.

We are currently looking for help in the areas of Equipment distribution and procurement, Registration assistant, and Communications assistance with the NoPo Website, Facebook, and twitter. Do have experience as a buyer or procurement? Do you like organizing, or project management? Or are you a social media guru? Every contribution is a great help and makes our community better. Let us know who you are!

All Board meetings are open to the community, and are held the second Wednesday of the month 7:30pm at Lucky Lab on Killingsworth. Please join us!

Please feel free to reach out to me directly if you ever have questions, or concerns.

Thanks again to all for making NoPo Soccer the best rec soccer club in Portland!


Joel Geisler

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Congratulations to Coach John Q. Porter

Pictured from Left: NOPO President Joel Geisler, 2017 Coach of the Year John Q. Porter & PYSA Executive Director Brett Thompson.

For the third year in a row a NOPO coach has been named PYSA Coach of the year!

Coach Porter started coaching in the Peninsula Soccer Club in 2008, coaching kids in the Little Kickers program. Porter served as Secretary and Vice President of the Peninsula Soccer Club. He has coached the U14 Rumble Bees girls' soccer team since they were in the Little Kickers program, and he also coaches the U10 Belles girls' team, which he also coached since they were Little Kickers. Porter has been the North Portland Soccer Club Marketing and Design Coordinator since its inception in 2012 (formally known as Peninsula Soccer Club). Porter was instrumental in the revision of the Club's image, which included transitioning the Club from Peninsula Soccer Club to North Portland Soccer Club. Using his career graphic design talent, Porter designed the NOPO shield logo and the NOPO Stars icon.

Below are comments from our community regarding Coach Porter that reflect on their experiences from having him as a coach:

"Coach Porter encourages friendly competition and requires all of his players to treat each other with respect and kindness. His players are uniformly polite and can be seen helping opponents to get up when they fall and apologizing for accidental hard hits. His players take the initiative to stop play when an opponent is injured. John continually encourages and models good sportsmanship for the players as well as the parents on and off the field. He is positive and encourages the girl's win or lose."

"Coach Porter encourages his players to continue their fitness and practicing on their own when not at practice during the week. When fields are not available he finds ways for them to have a field to practice on. When players need to miss practice for outside activities he is very understanding and encourages other priorities of life."

"Coach Porter is a strong role model for the girls, some of his players coming from disadvantaged backgrounds while encouraging them to continue to participate and lead a healthy lifestyle and for personal development. Many times John steps in to provide transportation and logistics so all players can enjoy the game and play soccer. It is very telling that 8 of the current players on his team have played with him for at least 5 years, including two who tried out for club soccer and then came back to the Rumblebees."

Coach Porter has also been the main coordinator and facilitator for intra-team player sharing the last couple of years in our U13 - U14 age group, and his previous age groups. This means Porter spends a substantial amount of time scheduling and coordinating players, parents, and coaches, which results in Porter making sure that all three teams from our club who are in his coaching age bracket have enough players on the field, as he blends experienced players with kids who are playing for the first time in their teens. Porter is coach/assistant coach of three U14 teams, as well as separately coaching a U10 team. He is coaching a total of 4 games each week. Coach Porter truly gives new meaning to Soccer Saturday!

Coach Porter does many unseen activities to help facilitate kids being able to play soccer. While often confidential or private, relating to access or scholarship, Porter has been instrumental in getting kids, who would otherwise not be on the field, playing and keeping them active in the sport of soccer and having fun. Coaches like John are not only an asset to our club, but PYSA and our community. The Club would not have its success without people like John Q. Porter.

Congratulations John!

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Ready to size up or replace yet another pair of cleats or shin guards? The NOPO cleats exchange has sizes 12K-4Y and some uniforms too. If you are dropping off your used gear, please have them labeled by size in a ziplock bag. We are now located in Kenton on a porch. Feel free to stop by. Gear exchange is located at: 1901 N Winchell Street.
Text or pm Sara for more information: 503-957-0306

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For the second time in a row, we at North Portland Soccer Club (NPSC) had the honor to present one of our coaches with Portland Youth Soccer Association's "Coach of the Year" award. After Suzanne Clark was crowned "2015 Girls Coach of the Year", this year's "Boys Coach of the Year" award goes to Vincent Harmon.

Coach Harm, as he is known in our community, has played a vital role in our club for many years. He started coaching his first team seven years ago, and with his love for the game and his devotion to the team, he has since then fostered a cohesive team by instilling core values in his boys that are not centered on winning or losing, but on having fun and learning. He takes his players at their individual skill level and helps them develop as soccer players as well as young men, or as one of his players sums it up: "He is an amazing coach. I love playing on his team, even though we did not win all of our games. Coach Harm is encouraging, happy and fun. He is the best coach I have ever had."

During the off-season, coach Harm organizes Saturday practices that are open to everyone who wants to join, which often includes children from the neighborhood who do not participate in organized soccer, but are really excited to just play the beautiful game.

Off the field, coach Harm has helped NPSC in so many ways, be it by lending his truck to move equipment or by motivating his team to ref our NOPO Soccer Club Little Kickers games.

North Portland Soccer Club is thankful for the many years of coach Harm's commitment, and we hope his dedication inspires others to follow in his footsteps. - at Key Bank Club.

Way to Go Coach Harm!!

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Some of you might have heard of the world-renowned soccer club FC Barcelona and its motto Més que un club, meaning More than a club, a statement that underlines their extraordinary social commitment. Although North Portland Soccer Club (NPSC) might not have gained the same fame or fan base (yet), we also hold social commitment in high esteem. A prime example of our ongoing community involvement is the inspiring story of the GMS Warriors U12 boys team and their coach Lindsay Deacon.

Lindsay is a teacher at George Middle School who frequently played soccer with a group of boys during recess. After a few months she asked if they played on a team and while most of them replied that they didn't, they were definitely interested. That's when Lindsay decided to start a team and offer these boys an opportunity to play the beautiful game at a more organized level. Due to limited resources at George Middle School, she was afraid that registration and funding would be a tough matter, so she reached out to NPSC for help. The club started making calls, and, together with the support of its partners, was able to bring Lindsay's goal to life. While NPSC took care of the team and player registration and donated the registration fees and miscellaneous uniform items like shorts, socks and shin guards, the club's efforts would have been fruitless without the generous contributions from some of our long-time partners.

NPSC & the GMS Warriors want to shout out a big THANK YOU! to:

• The adidas Group for the donated cleats & goalie gloves.

• The 107 Independent Supporters Trust of the Timbers Army for the donated jerseys.

• The Far Post Soccer Supply for their assistance with ordering and numbering their uniforms.

Now, with the season halfway over, the GMS Warriors remain undefeated and, more importantly, enjoy every second on the field. When asked about her team and the progress they've made, coach Lindsay said: "I've watched these boys move from playing scrappy lunchtime games into players who are improving their skills on the field and developing a common bond off the field. NPSC is where it's at!" Enough said!

P.S. We would love to hear more stories like Lindsay's; they are the reason all our volunteers are motivated to continue providing opportunities for young kids in the North Portland community. If you have a story to share, please post on Facebook or contact Steve Ehlert at

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From a Team Parent:
"Coach Sooz" has created and fostered a team that reflects more than just a game, but a community that comes together as a means to encourage and enjoy our daughters and families. She has inspired the team and the team's parents to be supportive not only of our own girls on the pitch, but also of ALL the girls on the field.

"Coach Sooz" has become an extended arm of our parenting. She is giving, supportive, and always behind her team. Her time-dedication, experience, and wisdom have allowed her to become a part of Lily's life, as well as our family's. I credit her with giving our daughter the opportunity for extraordinary positive personal growth both on the field and off.

Way to Go Suzanne!

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